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To register at Dixton Surgery you simply have to complete some registration forms, a new patient health sheet and have a New Patient Health Check with a Nurse.  When you register you will have the opportunity to choose which Doctor you wish to register with, if you have a preference.

Practice Area: Our Practice Area is clearly defined on a map at the surgery.  Roughly, we reach as far as Goodrich to the north of Monmouth, Staunton to the east, Raglan to the south and Cross Ash to the west.  If you are in any doubt please ask to be shown the map.

Making An Appointment:
Appointments can be made by telephoning or calling in at the surgery during surgery hours.  We will always try to offer you an appointment to suit, however we do ask you to book appointments as far in advance as possible.  If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel in good time so that it can be offered to another patient.  Parents are asked to accompany children under 16 years of age to the surgery.

If you have hearing difficulties we would be happy to receive your appointment request by fax on 01600 772634.

If you need to be seen urgently, we will arrange this for you. However, we cannot offer you the doctor or time of your choice

Emergency Appointments:  If you require urgent medical attention please telephone the surgery and you will be seen as soon as possible.

Sick children:  will be seen as soon as possible if brought to the surgery and this will usually be sooner than a home visit. If you are in any doubt about bringing your child out, please telephone the surgery first and the doctor can advise.

Health Checks:  All newly registered patients will be offered a health check.  If you have been registered for some time, but have not attended the surgery for three years, or one year if you are over age 75, you may request a Health Check with a nurse.

Home Visits: These are for housebound patients or those too ill to go out.  On average, each home visit takes up the same amount of time as four surgery consultations. If you think that a house call is necessary it would be helpful to let the surgery know before 10:30am so that the doctors’ rounds can be planned more efficiently. Please explain to the receptionist what is wrong so that urgent calls can be seen first and less urgent ones last.

Telephone Advice:  We offer telephone consultations to our patients, which may or may not avoid the necessity to attend the surgery.  You simply need to phone the surgery and request that a clinician calls you.  You will be given an approximate time of when you might expect the return call.  You may leave another telephone number where you can be contacted if you are not at home.

Disabled Access:  The surgery premises have been designed for ease of access for wheelchairs to a waiting area, consulting and treatment rooms and disabled toilet facilities.  When making an appointment or contacting the surgery we would be grateful if you could remind the staff that you would like to be let in through the Back Door.

Sick Notes:  Doctors are not required to issue sickness certificates for illness of six days or less duration. A self-certification form should be completed in this instance, which is available from many employers or Social Security offices.  For illnesses of greater than six day’s duration, (i.e. seven days or more) your Doctor must see you on the seventh day or the day before, or you must have a recent hospital discharge letter.

Patient Confidentiality:  Under the Data Protection Act, this Practice will not use any data that it has about you, without your consent.  Equally, any member of the practice team who has a need to view patient records has been fully trained in all areas of Patient Data Confidentiality and is bound by Contractual Obligations.

Making a Complaint:  If you wish to make a complaint about the practice, please address your concerns to the Practice Manager, Mrs. Sarah Harries, who will deal with all matters in accordance with protocols set out by the NHS Complaints Procedure "Putting Things Right"

Change of Address:  We ask that you let us know of any change of address and for other members of your family unit.

If you fail to do so and, for example, a referral is made for you to see a Consultant, the Hospital’s invitation will most certainly go to your previous address and you will miss your appointment.




This Practice operates a ZERO Tolerance approach to violence or abuse towards its staff.  Anybody who behaves in an unacceptable way will be asked to leave the premises or the police may be called.

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