Urgent Appointments

  1. Please dial 999 if you are experiencing signs of a heart attack, signs of a stroke, severe difficulty breathing, heavy bleeding that won’t stop or have a severe injury. 

  1. If you have an urgent or emergency medical problem that will not wait or that cannot be treated by your Pharmacy, NHS 111 or your Optician, please telephone the surgery BEFORE 10.30am, Monday to Friday
  1. If you have a sick child under the age of 16 please contact the surgery for advice between 8am and 6.30pm.   If you are in any doubt about your child’s health, please telephone the surgery for advice.

  1. If you are experiencing dental pain, please read the information below or visit our Dental Problems page for details on how to access an emergency appointment with a dentist.

  1. If you are experiencing eye problems, in the first instance please contact a Monmouth Optician, who has superior equipment and facilities to treat acute conditions.  See Eye Problem information page for more details. 

Booking a Routine Consultation with a Doctor: 

  1. To request a routine (Non- Urgent) Appointment please telephone the surgery to arrange this with one of our reception team.

  2. Alternatively, Do it Online -  Please register to be able to book appointments with a Doctor online 

  3. You will need to contact Reception to arrange an appointment with a Nurse because appointment lengths vary for different nursing services.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

Call to cancel

Cancel my appointment

Home Visits

Whilst we encourage our patients to come to the surgery, where we have the proper equipment and facilities available, we do appreciate this is not always possible for housebound or critically ill patients.

  1. If you or someone you care for need a home visit, you can help us by calling reception before 10:00.
  2. You may only request a home visit if you are housebound or are too ill to visit the practice.  Your GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition is urgent and they will also decide how urgently a visit is needed.  Please bear this in mind and be prepared to provide sufficient details to enable reception staff to schedule house calls;  please provide the member of staff with details of your symptoms and an up to date contact telephone number.
  3. You may also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are referred by your GP.  This is done for patients who are unable to leave their home.

Dental Problems

If you are suffering from dental pain, please do NOT make an appointment to see a Doctor. You will need to be seen by your Dentist.  If you have problems contacting your own Dentist, please contact:

Gwent Dental Helpline

01633 744387 Monday to Friday 9.00am until 4.00pm

Patients who have dental pain but are not registered with a dentist will be able to obtain a dental appointment via the Helpline.  Also the Helpline will advise patients on those dental practices taking on NHS patients in the Gwent area.

If you need emergency care for dental pain outside of these times, please call the above telephone number for advice.