Minor Surgery

Many procedures can now be performed in the surgery, including joint injections, incisions, excisions and coil insertions. Please ask your doctor.

Family Planning  

Our clinical team are happy to give advice on all types of contraceptions, and are also happy to offer Pre-Conception advice to patients.

Coil fittings by Dr Harries and Dr Baker are arranged by special appointment.  Please contact Reception for details.

Antenatal Clinic

Our Midwife holds a weekly clinic at the surgery, each Wednesday morning.  She will see patients in their own home when appropriate.

Breastfeeding Support

Dr Emma Baker is qualified as a Peer Breastfeeding Supporter and is happy to see patients to provide advice and support.

Baby and Child Clinic

Health Visitor Sarah Pettit holds a weekly clinics (each Tuesday between 2pm and 3pm), offering advice and support to parents.  Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment.  She is also happy to see parents and children in their own home, when appropriate.

Gender Support

Dr Emma Baker is pleased to offer support and onward referral to the Welsh Transgender Service


The Counsellor is available for consultation, following a referral by the doctor or nurse practitioner.


If your BMI is 30 or above, we have a Dietitian in the practice who you can self-refer to for an individual appointment, without seeing your GP first.  Please ask to speak to Maxine (Reception), who will be pleased to help you.

Podiatric Surgeon

Hereford Community Health hold regular clinics at Monnow Vale. An initial referral can be arranged by the doctor or nurse practitioner.

Drugs Misuse Counselling Service

An initial referral can be arranged by the doctor or nurse practitioner to Angharad, our Drug Misuse Counsellor, who holds a weekly clinic at the Surgery.

Alcohol Dependence Service

You can self refer to our Alcohol Dependence Counsellor, who will see you confidentially, in the surgery.  Please ask to speak confidentially to Maxine (Reception), who will assist you with an appointment.

The Practice provides NHS Enhanced Services, including: 

  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Access to General Medical Services
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Childhood Immunisations
  • Care of Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Illness
  • Anti-Coagulation Monitoring
  • DOAC Initiation and Monitoring
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Near Patient Testing (regular blood monitoring for patients taking certain drugs, eg DMARDS)
  • Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device Fittings
  • Pneumonia Vaccination
  • Depo Provera Injections
  • Contraceptive Implants
  • Administering of Gonadorelins (for Carcinoma of the Prostate and Breast, and other conditions such as Endometriosis)
  • Drug Misuse
  • Carers
  • Patients residing in Care Homes

For further information concerning any of these services please contact the surgery.

When you consult with a GP, it may be decided that you need to be seen by a hospital doctor, either for a management opinion or for investigations.  Usually such referrals are made on the NHS but if you request to be referred on a Private basis you should be aware that: 

  1. You will need to establish which hospital you would like to be seen in. If you are a Welsh resident it is advisable to choose a Welsh private hospital; this will assist continuing care should the occasion arise that you ultimately are transferred to see an NHS consultant, for a related problem, at some point in the future.
  2. You will need to find out about their fee structure, so we recommend that you contact the hospital and provide them with the details of what you require.
  3. Health Authority regulations stipulate that any new medication, prescribed during the course of your treatment from a private consultant, will be on a private prescription. Any medication that you remain on after the consultant has discharged you will be available to you on the NHS (provided that it is licensed and on the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board’s GP formulary). Any medication that you were on prior to your private treatment will remain on an NHS prescription.

You may or may not know which hospital you wish to go to. If not, we can provide you with a list of the most local private hospitals. 

Once you have made your decision, please let our secretary, Wendy, know which hospital and consultant you wish to be referred to and we will produce a referral letter for you. This will take between 3 and 5 working days.

Travel Vaccinations

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to make an appointment with our Practice Nurse or Nurse Practitioner to discuss your travel arrangements. This will include which countries and areas within countries that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below

Travel Health Advice

Request Travel Vaccines 

It is important to make this initial appointment as early as possible - at least 6 weeks before you travel.  Once it is agreed which vaccinations and medication you will need, you will be asked to pay for them in advance and they will then be ordered to be ready for your second appointment, when you will receive the vaccinations.

PLEASE NOTE: Your second appointment needs to be at least 2 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to work. Some travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and these incur a charge. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS.

Non-NHS Services

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore are charged.

Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc.)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Passport signing
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes
  • Vaccination certificates
  • To Whom It May Concern Letters

The fees charged are charged in advance of services, and our reception staff will be happy to advise you about them along with appointment availability.